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How do I schedule an observer?

The best way to schedule an observer is to call or e-mail and provide all necessary details including date, time and location of the exam, doctor's name, your name and contact information. We will follow-up to confirm the observation request just as soon as possible (usually within the same business day).

Based on availability, all IME/DME observation requests are scheduled in the order received. We frequently book-up several weeks in advance, so please provide as much lead time as possible.

How much does it cost to retain an observer?

$595.00 is a money-saving base rate which includes a detailed report, digital CD recording and up to two hours IME/DME attendance from scheduled appointment time.

Please note, however, that additional fees will be charged for travel outside Los Angeles and Ventura counties, for extended travel time within LA and Ventura counties, and for DME observations exceeding 2 hours from scheduled appointment time.

With this in mind, morning appointments are recommended and preferred as afternoon appointments often incur additional travel time fees due to traffic.

Please visit our website Library for a detailed Fee Schedule.

What are my payment options?

You may pay by check (payable to Advantage Representatives or Karen Magarian, DC). Due to ever-increasing merchant service fees, we are no longer accepting credit card payments at this time.

 What is your cancellation policy?

No refunds or credit for cancellations or rescheduling with less than two (2) full working days notification, not including weekends or holidays. Payment must be received in advance to retain date on calendar. IME/DME observation are performed on a pre-paid basis only.

Will you uphold limitations placed on the IME/DME?

Yes; as an authorized attorney's representative, one of our roles is to uphold any/all limitations you have placed on the examination, thereby protecting your client's rights. To do so, we will ask that you provide such details in writing — most often via a copy of your Response to Demand. Should we encounter any difficulty maintaining your limitations during the evaluation, we will call your office immediately and inquire as to how you would like us to proceed.

How soon will I receive the report?

We consistently adhere to a timely turn-around schedule. You will receive the completed report and digital CD recording within two (2) weeks of the exam date. Rush reports are available at an additional fee and must be requested when retaining the observer so we can schedule our time accordingly.

Do you transcribe the audio recordings?

We don't often receive requests to transcribe recordings, but can do so for an additional fee. Please call for rate information.

Do you keep copies of the audio recordings?

Yes! Additional copies of the CD recording can be provided as needed.

Where should my client meet you?

We have found it useful for clients to meet the observer in doctor's waiting room 30 minutes prior to their appointment time, so as not to interfere with the doctor's schedule. This allows us time to review all limitations placed on the exam, as well as address any fears or concerns your clients may have.

How many observers do you have?

At the present time, Dr. Magarian personally handles all observations herself. Advantage Representatives previously employed two additional chiropractors to assist Dr. Magarian, but when attorneys continually requested that she handle their cases directly, she began to work solo. However, in the not-too-distant future, Dr. Magarian will likely begin to train additional attorney representatives to help meet the demand for reliable observation services.

Do you have any MD observers working with you?

 No, we do not.

 Have you successfully testified in court?

Yes, Dr. Magarian has been qualified to testify in court, as well as at depositions and arbitrations.

 How can a Doctor of Chiropractic testify against a Medical Doctor?

Based on our education, training and clinical experience, we are readily familiar with all the components of a thorough orthopedic and neurological evaluation and can thereby assess for omission and/or distortion by the defense examiner. Regardless of healthcare specialty, the human body remains the same, as do the examination findings. The primary difference between DCs and MDs is in how we provide treatment based on a patient's subjective symptomatology and objective clinical findings.

 Do you have an active private practice?

Yes! Dr. Magarian specializes in women's health care and enjoys seeing patients at both her Woodland Hills and Van Nuys office locations.

Is having a female observer ever a problem?

No; in fact, both male and female clients generally report feeling much more comfortable and at ease having a female observer in the room. Since most defense examiners are male and the situation is inherently intimidating, the presence of a compassionate female healthcare professional has been found to be extremely beneficial and calming, which allows the examinee to report their persistent symptoms in a more clear and concise manner.

Are you better than the competition?

We certainly think so!

Section 2032 of the Code of Civil Procedures was adopted by the California legislature in 1986 and by 1988, Dr. Magarian was one of the first observers retained by MDEO (Medical Defense Examination Observers) to accompany plaintiff clients during their Independent/Defense Medical Exam.

As a seasoned attorney's representative with more years of knowledge and experience than any other observer in the business, Dr. Magarian continues to utilize her expert eye and skilled attention to detail to provide a comprehensive assessment of the defense evaluation for use during cross-examination, deposition, arbitration, and/or trial.

In addition, Dr. Magarian's training in counseling and education is reflected in her dedicated, supportive and nurturing manner which will help to foster your client's confidence and ease their anxiety during an otherwise adverse situation.

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