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reliable medical-legal observers
for all your IME / DME needs


"My offices have successfully used Karen Magarian, D.C. as an expert observer at defense medical exams of our clients on multiple occasions, pursuant to our rights under C.C.P. sec. 2032.510.  If you have a client who has an orthopaedic injury of any consequence, you can't afford NOT to have Karen there.  She knows what to look for and will provide you with more useful information than if you had attended the examination yourself.  Your client receives assurance by her presence, and her reports and comments afterwards to your offices will make for fruitful cross-examination of the defense doctor if you are put to that task.  She is also willing to testify, if necessary.  I would heartily recommend her to any personal injury attorney who wants to protect both his client and the client's case."  (Attorney Lawrence A. Strid -- Laguna Hills)

"Thank you for your report on the defense medical examination by Dr. Chadwick Smith.  I read your report carefully and I am very impressed by the work product.  I look forward to working with you on other matters in the future.  Thanks again."   (Attorney James Carr --  Los Angeles)

"P. and I can't begin to express the thanks we feel in our hearts for you; your kindness helped get us through all those exams.  Thank you for taking such good care of us; we won't forget you -- ever."  (Plaintiff and his sister -- railroad accident)

"Your report was of immeasurable value and absolutely set the tone for mediation with defense hanging solely on their defense medical exam; this report took the wind out of their sails. Thank you so much. I look forward to working with you again on future matters." (Attorney Robert Patterson -- Santa Barbara)

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