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reliable medical-legal observers
for all your IME / DME needs

Dr. Karen Magarian, MA, DC
Advantage Representatives

Since 1988, Dr. Karen Magarian has been retained to observe and evaluate thousands of Independent/Defense Medical Examinations (IME/DME) throughout Southern California. She was one of the original observers employed by Medical Defense Examination Observers (MDEO) and in 1993, ventured out on her own to establish Advantage Representatives. As a seasoned attorney's representative with competent clinical expertise, Dr. Magarian is readily familiar with all the well-known orthopedic and neurologic defense experts (and many not-so-well-known), thereby providing valuable insight about their particular technique styles.

Specifically requested by hundreds of personal injury lawyers, Dr. Magarian's gracious and professional demeanor, along with discerning and experienced attention to detail have ranked her as one of the most sought-after independent observers in Southern California.

Dr. Magarian is a licensed Chiropractor in the State of California (and Massachusetts), with a Master's degree in Marriage and Family Therapy. She is also a certified Diplomate of the American Academy of Pain Management and previously held the position as Qualified Medical Evaluator (QME) with the Industrial Medical Council for the State of California.

Dr. Magarian's CV

Christina Swing
Swing Transcriptions

Christina Swing began work in the transcription field in 1990 and spent the first 10 years working as a subcontractor before establishing her own business, Swing Transcriptions, in 2000. Her clients include a large medical department at UCLA, the radiology department of a San Fernando Valley hospital, as well as many private practice physicians and attorneys.

Dr. Karen Magarian and Christina Swing have enjoyed working together since the early 1990's and continue as a strong team dedicated to producing quality work products in a timely manner.

Swing Transcriptions provides personalized service with quick turnaround time. For further information, please contact Christina by phone at 805-368-2061 or email: cmswing@aol.com.


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