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reliable medical-legal observers
for all your IME / DME needs

What We Do:

  • ACCOMPANY your client throughout their entire Independent / Defense Medical Examination (IME/DME);

  • OBSERVE and DOCUMENT significant details of the examination, noting 5-minute intervals;

  • AUDIO RECORD all portions of the examination;

  • EVALUATE the IME/DME for completeness, noting important orthopedic and neurological test omissions;

  • PROVIDE a thorough report and digital CD recording for use at deposition, arbitration and trial to critique the Independent / Defense Medical Examiner's findings.

Why We Do It:

  • Independent / Defense Medical Examinations (IME/DME) are frequently used to discredit the validity of your client's injury claim. This is often accomplished by conducting an incomplete evaluation and thereby forming unsubstantiated conclusions;

  • We provide a strong foundation for dispute by enhancing your awareness and understanding of the subtle details and techniques frequently used during these evaluations;

  • The IME/DME is a unique and oftentimes stressful experience for clients. To reduce their uneasiness, we will familiarize them with typical examination procedures and include specifics about the evaluating doctor whenever possible. In addition, your clients will learn to focus on and discuss pertinent details of their case, as well as provide a thorough description of persistent symptoms.

Why It Works:

  • You will use the essential information we provide during cross-examination of the Independent/Defense examiner at deposition, arbitration and/or trial, thereby reducing the strength of their uncorroborated claims;

  • We protect your client's rights, per your written instruction (via Response to Demand), with regard to completion of paperwork, medical history taking, diagnostic testing, etc.;

  • The observer is available and qualified to testify as an Expert Witness at deposition, arbitration and trial.

Sample Report
Sample Letter of Introduction: CCP §2032


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